Give A Flybuys


If you're an Aussie, you know Flybuys. But most of its members were only scanning their card at Coles out of habit. And new sign ups were dropping.

To tap into a new market and light a fire under Flybuys' existing members, we turned to their small but hardcore fanbase. These thrifty members know how to rack up the points, cash 'em in, and be damn proud of it, too. Inspired by their attitude, we created a new brand platform that celebrates all things savvy.

And the launch? An epic 2-minute music video directed by Sanjay De Silva, produced by Division and voiced by Blake Scott.

So while the rest of Australia didn't give a F#$k, we made an anthem telling people to Give a Flybuys, and take more. More pressies. More holidays. And yeah, more money off at the shops.

MADC 2022


Best in Show

Spikes Asia 2022

Grand Prix for Film

Grand Prix for Music

Gold x2, Silver, Bronze for Film

Silver, Bronze for Music

Shots Awards 2021

Gold for Use of Music
Gold for Copywriting
Silver for Cinematography
Bronze for Casting